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Big Congratulations!!!  The team competed at Fuji Allentown with a small team. But very successful day.

  • Efrain García 3 gold and 3 silver.
  • Sasha Shaffer 2 gold and 1 silver.
  • Luis Ramos. 1 gold and 1 silver.
  • Chloe Gerwig 4 silver all VS boys.
  • Randy Nunes 1 bronze.


Congratulations to the team who were competing in the NAGA 2021 World Grappling Championship. We got 5 new World NAGA champions. Congrats to Celeste Mirenda (2 gold ??, Elia (1 gold) Efrain Garcia (2 expert belts and one ??), Scott (1 ??) huge congrats to David Burns for winning Absolute Gi belt with only 3 weeks of Training with me. Good job to team competitors OSS.

Congratulations to Team Jucão for winning Gold in Kids and Adult 1st Place Team Trophy. Awesome job Team and Professor Robson Pereira, Colin Hartey, Matthew Reichert, and master Ailson Henrique Brites Oss!

Huge Congratulations To The Team Who Competed at NAGA Philadelphia On November 7th. Four guys Competing And Won 6 Gold Medals (2 Swords & 1 Expert Belt)

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