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Beginner Boxing Classes Enrolling In June

Boxing--the ultimate test of strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance--you've never had a workout like it! Whether you interested challenging yourself or getting into incredible shape fast, Star Jiu Jitsu's Boxing classes will push our students to their very limits and beyond while they achieve goal after goal.

Come Learn From The Best At Pereira BJJ!

Our highly-trained and skilled instructors are ready to teach you the skills to turn you into an efficient and well-rounded boxer. Each student learns jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and counter punches, along with stances, footwork, and defenses. You'll learn everything you've seen perfected by the legends of the sport.

Our Boxing students start seeing results after only a few weeks of classes! When you train with us you will see benefits like:

  • Unmatched fighting technique & strategy
  • Noticeable increases in strength & stamina
  • Confidence to fight even the most experienced opponent
  • Unbelievable weight loss & muscle tone 

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