Yuriko Beaman Jiu Jitsu Instructor

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Yuriko Beaman

Yuriko took her first yoga class in college and came back to her practice in 2010. Her practice provided her with an opportunity to shift her mindset and to grow on and off the mat. Yoga has supported her through a major turning point in her life and that experience has motivated her to share yoga with others. One of the most important lessons she has learned from her practice is not to take herself too seriously. Yoga has helped her to accept who she is in this moment and let her poses come from that place. In addition to teaching yoga, she holds a M.S. in Clinical Psychology and works with students with disabilities at a local college. She is also a KonMari trained professional home organizer and strives to bring joy into all aspects of her life. She lives in Reading with her husband, two cats, and lively dog.

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